Neuroscience is the key to understanding our entire perception of the world, but the average human knows very little about the brain. In this virtual reality journey, you will experience the evolution of the brain from the beginning of sentient life. Along the way, explore the potentials of brain computer interfaces by virtually stimulating neurons.

In a three act play structure, we explore the three layers of the brain. You enter the experience with the creation of the brain stem. Through location-based sound, you can move between the medulla oblongata where you hear your heartbeat, the pons where you can control breathing, midbrain, and cerebellum where you play with balance via a virtual model of the body.

Next, the limbic system unfolds around you. Here you play with the complex interactions between the amygdala, hypothalamus, thalamus,, and hippocampus. You can create emotional reactions, release hormones, and play a game exploring your spatial memory.  Upon visiting the thalamus, the neuroscientist explains it has just received stimuli from the body and it releases a surge of electricity along a neural pathway through to the neocortex! 

Off you go, into the intricately folded grey matter that makes us human. As you enter the neocortex, you receive a pass through view in the background of the brain. Here you may play with your perception using a neuron wand in the Temporal and Occipital Lobe, distorting the visual and audio signals. This hints at a future of the brain in which we could create virtual or augmented realities through synthetic stimulation of the senses.

Inspired by the work of Elon Musk with Neuralink, Bryan Johnston at Kernel, and other visionaries in the brain computer interface field, we hope to provide a captivating tool for the public to educate themselves on the neuroscience and join the discussion on how we will interact with our brains in the future.